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Haley DeMarco


About Haley

Haley DeMarco is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and founder of Rooting Wellness Acupuncture. While acupuncture is utilized for a wide variety of reasons, Haley has a particular interest in women's health, fertility, pregnancy, and emotional health. Acupuncture can be helpful in all stages of pregnancy, from pre-conception to postpartum. Specifically, it can help with morning sickness, acid reflux, mood swings, constipation, high blood pressure, breech position, back and pelvic pain, headaches, and more. When it comes time to prepare for labor, Haley educates her patients on how to utalize at home acupressure, which is useful in labor prep and during labor. Her approach to care is to educate and empower the people she works with by listening to their whole story, and apply traditional chinese medicine to help connect the dots where physical and emotional imbalances may be correlated.


1707 F Street, Bellingham, WA, 98225






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