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Heron Paulson-Quick

Full-Spectrum Birth, Postpartum and Parenthood Doula

About Heron

Hi, I'm Heron (they/them), and I am a Full-Spectrum Birth, Postpartum, and Early Parenthood Doula, Queer Parent, and Advocate. My offerings include full-spectrum doula support (conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, loss, parenthood transitions, etc), childbirth + postpartum education, and parenting + sleep education (ages 0-3). I would be honored to support you throughout your unique family building, reproductive, and/or parenthood journey.


Caring for families through transition and exploring sustainable methods of communal care that create space for everyone to thrive is central to the world I envision and the work that I do. I offer you my time and attention with love and openness. I am here to sit with you during difficult times, to be present when you need someone the most, to listen to your fears, celebrate your joy, answer your questions, advocate for + center your needs, provide education catered to you, and remind you of your options.


(360) 318-6468




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