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Katie Klassen

Birth Doula

Childbirth Educator 

Placenta Encapsulator

About Katie

As a doula and educator, I walk along side families through pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. I offer childbirth education classes, birth doula support, and placenta encapsulation.

Inviting someone new into your story and your space is not something I take lightly. I value time with my clients and opportunity to build relationship. I take a physiology first approach in education. I value understanding the normal, physiologic processes and supporting my clients in informed decision making. I believe the birthing person should be centered each step of the way. Experience has taught me that pregnancy, birth, and parenting are not one size fits all. Nothing is black and white, you are an individual, whole person (not a statistic) and I will support your unique needs and desires. I myself have felt the difference in compassionate care where I was seen and heard. In the wild and incredible ride of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum this is invaluable and exactly what I hope to offer you.





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