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Denise Skinner

RN Nurse

IBCLC lactation consultant 

ABMNM NeuroMovement practitioner

About Denise

Denise offers unique and comprehensive lactation care. She has been working with this population for over 30 years and has such passion for it. What are the key points in how she serves and why you may want to work with her: -Supporting families to nurture and provide the best medicine for their newborn and infant. -Soulfully and intuitively listens from the heart to really hear what is the underlying issue. -Gently and with utmost care handles the babies and mother in her assistance to get the best attachment and helps with breastfeeding with ease. -Helps develop easy to follow feeding plans and works with parents to make it work for all involved. -If additional conditions show themselves as potential issues, she has the additional knowledge and expertise to work with both mother and child to settle into their bodies and release the both the tensions, the movement patterns and improve the coordination of the baby to feed optimally. -Help regulate and settle babies' nervous system and teach & empower both parents to feed and care for their newborn or infant in a connected and loving way attending to the baby cues with certainty. -Really helping babies connect to their bodies and "come home to themselves" after the transition from the womb. -Supporting babies development through integration of movement patterns that are essential for their future of movement and can change the trajectory of their life for a lifetime.


NeuroMovement Only:

Masonic Hall, Downtown

1101 N State St. Suite 201

Bellingham, WA




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