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Heather Salzer

Doctor of Physical Therapy 

Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist

Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Specialist 

CrossFit L1 Trainer 

Owner of Onward Bellingham 

About Heather

Hi there! I’m Heather. Fitness and movement are a huge part of my life. I LOVE helping people feel STRONG and capable and I feel so lucky to have many tools to help you get there. 


I am a doctor of physical therapy, board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist, certified pregnancy and postpartum exercise specialist, internal and external trained pelvic health clinician, CrossFit Level 1 trainer, and co-owner of Onward Bellingham Physical Therapy Clinic. 


I work with a wide variety of injuries, types of pain, ages, activity levels, and fitness passions. I am particularly passionate about working with people through their pregnancy and postpartum journey. This is a time period often people are made feel fragile, confused, and stuck dealing with pain. You deserve better. You don’t have to live with pain or pelvic floor symptoms, you are still strong and capable, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. 


Dealing with a nagging injury? Tired of having pelvic floor issues such as pain or leaking? Want help staying active and minimizing pain throughout pregnancy?  Looking to get your confidence back after having kids? Need help to develop a strength program unique to you? You deserve to take the time to work on these things and it would be an honor to come alongside you in the process. 



(360) 389-2747





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