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Kat Schaumberg

LMT specializing in Abdominal Therapy

About Kat

I found my path as a healer as a massage therapist specializing in the Mayan lineage of Abdominal Therapy. This gentle external massage helps guide organs back into proper position and enhances the systemic flow of blood, lymph and nerve impulses. Alleviating tissue congestion and organ constriction of the abdomen and sacrum, these techniques support the release of physical, emotional and energetic tension. Abdominal Therapy is an amazing practice to enhance pregnancy, aid in labor and delivery, improve the body’s ability to self repair and balance postpartum, as well as in the prevention and progression of many common digestive and reproductive disorders and chronic disease.


1210 10th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


(360) 603-6032





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